[racket-dev] Release Announcement for v5.2.1

From: Neil Toronto (neil.toronto at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Jan 23 23:15:32 EST 2012

On 01/23/2012 05:27 PM, Ryan Culpepper wrote:
> Below is a rough list of additions and changes for v5.2.1. If you
> are responsible for a change, please either elaborate it into an
> announcement item or tell me if it shouldn't be included in the
> announcement. Let me know if I've missed something.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> - plot improvements
> - click to drag and zoom
> - right-click opens editor pop-up menu
> - removed libfit
> - others?

* Plots look nicer, render up to 4 times faster, and are more correct at 
very small and very large scales. New features include customizable dual 
axis ticks and transforms (e.g. log axes, date and currency ticks, axis 
interval collapse and stretch), stacked histograms, and 3D vector 
fields. The legacy `fit' function and libfit have been removed.

Neil T

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