[racket-dev] Release Announcement for v5.2.1

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Mon Jan 23 20:57:12 EST 2012

At Mon, 23 Jan 2012 17:27:47 -0700, Ryan Culpepper wrote:
> - racket
>    - io now uses poll() or kqueue() when available
>    - floating-point ops now use SSE (when available?)
>    - cross-module function inlining, racket/performance-hint

 * Performance improvements include the use of epoll()/kqueue() instead
   of select() for the Racket thread scheduler, cross-module inlining
   of small functions, and the use of SSE instead of x87 for
   JIT-compiled floating-point operations on platforms where SSE is
   always available (including x86_64 platforms). A related change is
   the interning of literal numbers, strings, byte strings, characters,
   and regexps that appear in code and syntax objects.

>    - deprecation note for ActiveX part of MysterX

 * MysterX's ActiveX support is deprecated and will be removed in the
   next release. MysterX's core COM functionality will become
   deprecated in the next release, but COM functionality will be
   supported for the foreseeable future as a compatibility layer over a
   forthcoming `ffi/com' library.

>    - OS X build defaults to the platform it is built on (i386 vs x86_64)
>    - Add a tutorial to the FFI overview
>    - racket/class: send/keyword-apply, dynamic-send
>    - generalized gcd, lcm to rationals
>    - syntax/datum, datum-case, etc
>    - improve choice-evt complexity
> - racket/draw
>    - generalized brush transform to apply to stipple
>    - racket/draw: generalize "face" in font% to be description
>    - added text-outline to dc-path

These all seem too minor to me.

The OS X build change is almost worth noting, but most OS X users
surely download a pre-built installation, and the build change is not
relevant to those users.

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