[racket-dev] Missing pregexp syntax in Racket

From: Pauan (pcxunlimited at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Nov 27 01:35:57 EST 2011

It was brought up that my explanation was confusing, and I agree it is.
So I'll try again. The following should return #t:
(regexp-match? #px"\\u{E0}" "\u00E0")(regexp-match? "\\X"
"\u00E0")(regexp-match? "\\u00E0"    "\u00E0")(regexp-match? "\\x00"
   "\x00")(regexp-match? "\\n"        "\n")(regexp-match? "\\r"
"\r")(regexp-match? "\\t"        "\t")(regexp-match? "\\a"
"\a")(regexp-match? "\\e"        "\e")(regexp-match? "\\f"
"\f")(regexp-match? "\\v"        "\v")
Note: the \\u{E0} syntax is Perl-specific, I believe, so it should
probablyonly be enabled for pregexps, not normal regexps.

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