[racket-dev] Racket startup

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Tue Jun 28 09:52:04 EDT 2011

So this is my revised suggestion for the startup thing.  It's intended
to resolve a few issues that bothered me for a while, and some new
ones that were mentioned recently -- Jay's testing thing as well as
the need for some way to write code that is run only when a file is
executed directly.  I think that it works well *and* manages to mesh
well with the current set of command-line flags, as well as being
backward compatible.

First, the thing that bugged me: `-m' is in theory a very convenient
way to get some file into a generic script quickly, but it's not as
convenient as it could be.  There are two problems with it -- in the
many times that I used `-m', I think that in each and every case I
went through the same dance that demonstrate them.  I start with a
quick script, then realize that I want to make it a bit more generic
-- so I wrap the toplevel code in a `main' definition.  Then, look
through `racket -h' and figure out which flag I need to use -- I
remember that `-m' by itself doesn't work, so I need to find out
whether I need to make it `-tm' or `-um' or whatever.  once I find out
the answer, I try to use it and then --always-- realize that I need to
explicitly `provide' the `main' binding.  That's an annoyance I'd like
to get rid of -- not only it is something that I always forget, it's a
kind of a boilerplate in the spirit of `class main ... public static
void whatever': it's providing a binding where I don't really want it
to be provided for anything except for use by the `-m' flag.  (Yes,
it's a *much* shorter and more pleasant boilerplate, but still it is

So here's my complete suggestion:

1. Add a `-R' or `--run' flag that takes in a name of a file and a
   function to run.  Running `racket -R foo.rkt bar' does the same as
   running `racket -u- foo.rkt', and after it is required, a `bar'
   binding is pulled out from its namespace (no need to `provide' it),
   and applied on the usual arguments (the name of the script and the
   rest of the given flags).

1a. Probably better to make that `-R bar foo.rkt', so it's more
    convenient to use in script trampolines with some "$@" input.

2. BTW, `-um- foo.rkt' would *not* be the same as `-R foo.rkt main',
   because `-m' is disconnected from a specific module.  That makes it
   still have some use as a more generic thing, but you pay for that
   with the verbosity of an explicit `provide'.

3. Change the default of

     If only configuration options are before the first argument, -u is added


     If only configuration options are before the first argument, -R MAIN is added

   possibly with some other name -- `MAIN' is just the first thing I
   could think of that is not obnoxious for a command-line thing like
   `#%main', and that will not lead to any problems with existing code.

4. Make `racket/base' provide `MAIN' that is just the same as `void'.
   For compatibility, make `mzscheme' do the same too.

This makes `MAIN' the Racket equivalent of Python's `__main__' thing.
If you don't define it, things are pretty much the same as they are
now.  If you do, then your binding overrides the built-in one, and you
get a nice and convenient point for a "when this module is executed
directly" thing.

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