[racket-dev] OSX problems

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Jun 2 23:52:50 EDT 2011

A few seconds ago, John Clements wrote:
> On Jun 2, 2011, at 8:29 PM, Eli Barzilay wrote:
> > Is there anyone awake now, with a current (git head) OSX build,
> > and that sees the problem of not being able to choose "*.rkt"
> > files in the open file dialog?
> More details, please.

Earlier today, in commit 1582f160, I did a change that seemed to break
openning files in OSX.  (Files are all grayed out and unclickable.)
After *much* fighting I managed to commandeer a monitor-less machine
via VNC, so I can now try to actually run the OSX version -- but ... I
don't see the problem.  I have some vague guess about a fix, and a
much vaguer guess about seeing the problem in some setups but not in
others.  I like to fix this asap (which is sad, given the ~6 hours I
spend on the VNC battles, and the fact that ultimately I'm back to
debugging-via-other-people...), so I'm looking for someone who does
see the problem.

> I'm on
> Welcome to DrRacket, version [3m].
> ... which probably isn't "head" enough for you.
> I can re-build, though; it's probably time for an update.
> To be sure, you're just asking for me to open the "Open File" dialog
> and double-click a file whose name ends in .rkt ?

The problem, assuming that you'll see it, should make all files

> FWIW, it works fine in my current build.  I'll start rebuilding,
> though, and check again.

Thanks.  (And let's continue off-list.)

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