[racket-dev] sxml package takeover/updates?

From: John Clements (clements at brinckerhoff.org)
Date: Tue Feb 15 14:52:45 EST 2011

Dimitry (cc:ed) seems to be unresponsive.  Currently, the sxml package has a tiny little problem in its info.rkt file which results in a grotesquely inflated compile time; ryan reported this quite some time ago.  Based on the license notices in some of the source files, it appears that this code is public domain.  I understand that PLaneT is not currently set up to make it easy to migrate packages to new owners.

Given the above, I propose

1) slinging the code into a github repository, and
2) making new packages called sxml2 and ssax2 available (ugh, blecch).

Opinions? Does anyone feel strongly about preserving the cross-platform nature of the current library?


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