[plt-dev] svn -> git

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Tue Jan 19 21:11:16 EST 2010

I have a first git mirror of the full svn repository.  It's not the
actual version because I keep finding more things that I should have
done, but one thing that I'm not sure about (and I can't really test
given that I have zero experience with git) is the repository layout:
whether it correctly identified tags and branches, and whether there
are any other problems with it.  In case there is anyone that has
experience using git, I would appreciate testing out this repository
and telling me if there's anything that needs fixing.  You can get it


[One thing that I know about is the git-svn bogus email addresses.
I've found the way to make that work, so I started a new round of
generating a mirror (it takes a good number of hours to do that...).]

As for making the final result available, I think that practically
anyone that I talked to said that pushing it to github is the best way
to go.  If anyone has any relevant info about that (or about hosting
it locally from our machines), I'd be happy to hear.

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