[plt-dev] Subversion {server,repository} {upgraded,moved}

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Mon Jan 18 18:24:12 EST 2010

* The subversion server and repositories moved from winooski to
  champlain, and the new server is now 1.6.6.

* You shouldn't have any problems with existing working directories
  (mail me if you do see something), so you can go on using your
  directory as usual.  Also, things should work fine with your
  existing svn client.

* However, I think that at least in one of the many upgrades that we
  didn't do there was some optimization change that you'd get if you
  re-checkout your working directory.  Also, if there are some 1.6.x
  features that required a 1.6.x server, then now you can use them.

* There were some problems reported (at least from John and Sam, IIRC)
  with large files.  The logs indicated a problem at the apache
  transport level -- winooski should have a recent enough version, but
  it became a mess of patched versions, so I can't be sure what
  version actually gets used...  In any case, going through champlain
  also means a recent apache server, so hopefully these problems
  should not happen again.

* This version of subversion does *not* resolve the permission bug
  with the `usr' repository (the one you get when a file is copied or
  moved).  But the good news is that someone on the svn side reported
  a fix, so if all goes well, it looks like their next release will
  finally fix that.  (And one reason for updating champlain and moving
  the svn server to it is to make moving to the next release easier.
  Maybe even it will be propagated through the Fedora packages.)

* I changed svn.plt-scheme.org to point to champlain, but while the
  change propagates, winooski forwards all connections to champlain.

* The ViewVC interface (svn.plt-scheme.org/view) is not working yet,
  I'll get to that next.

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