[racket-dev] (round), etc. in Typed Racket

From: Jos Koot (jos.koot at telefonica.net)
Date: Mon Dec 13 10:11:23 EST 2010

Does this also mean that procedures like round, floor and ceiling will
produce exact integers even when given an inexact argument? I am not sure
this would be a good idea. For example consider:
Now (round #i1e200) -> flonum of 64 bits.
But (inexact->exact (round #i1e200)) -> exact integer of over 600 bits.
Nevertheless the idea of making a distinction between integer? and
inexact-integer? (or whatever you want to name them) seems to be a good
idea. However, we already have integer? and exact-integer?
Am I missing the pointe of the discussion?

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> > [ ... talking about changing integer? to only recognize 
> exacts ... ] 
> > This seems like it would cause far too much breakage to far 
> too much 
> > code. I certainly wouldn't want to attempt it. Changing TR (as I 
> > suggest below) seems far easier.
> Well, I went and took a look at the tree for uses of integer? 
> and I'm finding that most of them have exact? nearby and some 
> of the ones that don't probably should. (I used DrRacket's 
> find in files with the regexp [^-]integer[?].)
> So, I'm changing my opinion to say that it would be feasible 
> to have integer? in #lang racket/base mean what the current 
> exact-integer?
> means. Probably we'd want to add an inexact-integer? and then 
> legitimate uses of the current integer? predicate would turn 
> into (lambda (x) (or (integer? x) (inexact-integer? x))).
> It would be some work to make all of the changes in the tree 
> (and it would probably be polite to audit the latest version 
> of active planet
> packages) but it doesn't seem to be as deadly as I'd feared. 
> Also, after having that look, I definitely think that if we 
> got to do this one over that integer? accepting only exacts 
> is wise; it seems too easy to allow inexacts to flow around 
> when you didn't mean to with the current definition of the predicates.
> Robby
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