[racket-dev] stepper UI question

From: Shriram Krishnamurthi (sk at cs.brown.edu)
Date: Thu Aug 26 20:23:30 EDT 2010

I know Guillaume proposed to do it in the context of the editor.  I'm
unconvinced that that's the right way to go.  At any rate, integrating
into an existing bit of infrastructure (def'ns or inter's) is going to
be much more complex than an "off-line" prototype that people can
critique.  So we should do that regardless.

You and Kathy raise good and interesting points.  This tells me that
there is not yet a good answer to *where* the stepper should run.  I
believe this is quite separable from *how* the stepper runs, ie, how
it displays the sequence of expressions.  Since I feel that is
currently the biggest problem with it, it seems wise that we focus on
the latter for now.  Once we make some real progress on that
high-order bit, we can see what percolates up.

Do others agree that this is the high-order bit?  If not (and perhaps
even if so), can you articulate why?


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