[racket-dev] stepper UI question

From: Kathy Gray (kathryn.gray at cl.cam.ac.uk)
Date: Thu Aug 26 18:42:06 EDT 2010

On 26 Aug 2010, at 11:32:48, John Clements wrote:

> 3) It's not clear how you want to handle test cases; they don't currently generate anything in the interactions window, and yet this sounds like the thing that you're *most* likely to want to be able to step.  For the sake of argument, let me propose something:
> the result of "generate-report" (the hidden summary-generation call that check-expect inserts) should be a snip that shows up in the interactions window, called (e.g.) "Test Report".  Clicking on this (right-clicking on this?) should open a window showing the test cases in some tabular format, indicating which ones succeeded and which ones failed.  Selecting one of these, the user could choose to see its steps. 
> Additional hidden benefit of this structure: because of the syntactic fol-de-rol that surrounds test cases, it should be fairly easy in such a tabular window to also show those test cases that didn't get run at all, because an earlier one caused a runtime error.

What about tying the stepper in with the current test result window (that's either docked or a free floating window) for stepping through tests? So the step => button would appear along with the failed tests and a different "drop down" expansion point with the successful tests to list the separate tests and respective step => buttons.


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