[plt-dev] .mzschemerc => .racketrc and more

From: Ryan Culpepper (ryanc at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Mon Apr 26 17:20:31 EDT 2010

Matthew Flatt wrote:
> Just pushed:
>  old             new              notes
>  -----------     ---------        -------------------------------
>  .mzschemerc     .racketrc        even `mzscheme' uses ".racketrc"
>  .mredrc         .gracketrc       even `mred' uses ".gracketrc"
>  ~/.plt-scheme   ~/.racket        Unix user-specific dir
>  ..../PLT Scheme ..../Racket      Windows & Mac OS user-specific dir
>  plt-prefs.ss    racket-prefs.rkt Unix & Windows pref file
>  org.plt-scheme.prefs.ss          Mac pref file
>                           ^
>                    org.racket-lang.prefs.rkt 
>    etc.

How about using a different suffix for "data in S-expression form" such 
as the prefs files. I interpret an .rkt suffix as indicating an 
executable program.

Or the suffix could be dropped entirely.


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