[plt-dev] Racket-tool bugs me; are we up for another poll?

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Apr 22 12:41:56 EDT 2010

On Apr 21, Eli Barzilay wrote:
> [rant on]
> [...]

[rant off]

I did *not* intend to dismiss Robby's email as a bad idea -- so I'll
try to be more constructive (so I'll ignore the nonsensical

* For the `mzscheme' replacement, I really like `racket' -- that would
  be the main entry point for people, since that's what you use to run
  a file or get a repl, or write in scripts, so a clear brand name
  seems important to me.

* For the `tool' replacement:

  - I dislike `racket-tool' because it's long and verbose.  Thinking
    about why that bothers me, I see these reasons:
    - it implicitly forces people to use an alias for practical use,
    - I'll still need to type the long name often in docs, web
      pages, blog posts, in emails, irc helping, etc.
    - it's long enough to justify copy-pasting from a web page, but in
      addition it's two words, so even that is less convenient.

  - I dislike `rkt' because together with file suffixes and "racket"
    it gets a little too confusing.

  - On the other hand, I agree with Sam's point that a *different*
    (but related) name is a good idea -- it makes it easier to
    memorize (both in my head and in my fingers) the two separate
    things.  Starting with `r' seems important to me in keeping it
    very related (given the usual role of the first letter).

  - Therefore, `rico' still looks like the best option for this one.

  - I could live with a different name, provided that it's roughly the
    same length, one word, easy to pronounce and spell, and has some
    vague connection to racket -- preferably by starting with `r'.

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