[plt-dev] update on experiment in re-implementing MrEd

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Mar 29 13:41:52 EDT 2009

> One piece of the puzzle is easy to split from the rest: implementing
> the `dc<%>' classes on top of Cairo.

I'm not gonna volunteer to do this, as I don't think I have time to
complete the job. However I couldn't stop myself fiddling around with
the code, and I've gone and implemented draw-rectangle for Cocoa (code
is not committed). Two points:

1. The Cairo code will be mostly generic, so I think there should be a
dc base class/mixin/trait in common

2. The Cairo drawing model is quite different to the dc model. dc is
immediate -- you call functions and the shapes appear immediately. The
Cairo model is to specify the path completely and only then stroke
and/or fill the path. Presumably this enables GPU optimisations. This
naturally leads to functions like line_to etc. The Cairo model also
goes beyond dc, offering alpha channel, masking, etc. No doubt you
know all this. How do you envisage extending the dc to offer these


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