[plt-dev] Scribble example

From: Jay McCarthy (jay.mccarthy at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Mar 18 13:30:20 EDT 2009

As an example of what you can do with Scribble, you might be
interested in taking a look at my PL course site:


I can send the code to anyone interested.

Some things worked amazingly well:
- @scheme
- @secref
- @examples
- custom stylesheets (for my zebra stripped tables)

Other things were annoying, but I got the hang of it
- Building tables (I had to write a custom macro each time)

- "faking" bindings for assignments with declare-exporting #:use-sources

Other things were quite painful:
- Referring to PLaneT packages (basically, I couldn't find a way to,
because --redirect-main works great to go to doc.plt-scheme.org, but
there isn't anything comparable to planet.plt-scheme.org's docs.)
[Assignment 2.16 basically repeats the PLaneT docs] [I got the links
to work at all by faking definitions exported by PLAI and
defidentifier-ing them in the help section, so the links would bring
you back to there]

- Cross reference links within @schemeblock or @examples (Take a look
at Section 10, it would be nice if that `define' could generate a
cross reference. I could simulate it by #,(defidentifier
#'convert-to-letter) but didn't want to go through that pain.

- Using macros in @schemeblock (take a look at the define-type in
assignment 2.18, particularly the `bif' variant.)

(Note: The page refers to a PLAI planet package that isn't on the
server yet. It is still being tested.)


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