[plt-dev] prefix-in and schemelink don't play well in Scribble

From: Jay McCarthy (jay.mccarthy at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Mar 18 12:43:20 EDT 2009

If I require scheme with a prefix...

(require (for-label (prefix-in scheme: scheme)))

and want to link to an identifier from scheme,


I get the following error in the build:

setup-plt: WARNING: undefined tag in ....scrbl:
setup-plt:  (undef "--UNDEFINED:scheme:error--")

But, the link is fine in the HTML documentation.

Also, I think @schemelink should have a #:underline? option so I can
make this bit of documentation look like a normal variable reference.

It would be simple to add to manual-scheme.ss, but I'm not familiar
with the syntax keyword pattern, so I won't attempt it.

Another convenience would be to be able to write something like:

@scheme[#:prefix scheme: error]


@scheme[#:unprefix? #t scheme:error]

for the same effect


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