[plt-dev] help

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Fri Apr 17 16:13:50 EDT 2009

On Apr 17, Matthias Felleisen wrote:
> Why don't you start with these guidelines:
>    context = TL + tp(1) + ... + tp(n)
> The first page must contain only:
>   (1) all query results that concern tp(i)
>   (2) all results concerning TL
>   (3) tp results appear BEFORE TL results
>   [(4) we might also wish to order results so that those for tp(j)  
> occur before tp(i) if j > i]
> All other results appear on pages 2 and up.
> I suspect you can scale these rules to #lang scheme/gui and friends.  
> I just wish we had scheme/redex.

I'm guessing that by "TL" and "TP" you mean "Teaching Language" and
"Teachpack".  The index entries are *not* divided onto these -- this
thing is working from the plain index nothing more and nothing less.
I don't see any reason to add any kind of specialization for the
teaching languages and teachpacks -- since the same issues are
relevant in all other languages too.

It is the responsibility of teaching language to generate a query that
will narrow down the full index to the relevant index -- and this
should be done by a "context query".  There are search operators that
make it possible to write a query that shows only entries from some
manual or that are provided from some module -- but in your suggested
organization you do hit the two big problems that I mentioned many
times now: you're describing a query that uses `or', and you're
describing a query that changes the order of results.

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