[plt-dev] #lang sicp

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Wed Apr 15 19:59:14 EDT 2009

This is a request for someone who wants to read through SICP to run with 
this project...

I have added a few more MIT Scheme-isms to my code, and pulled in the 
"soegaard/sicp" PLaneT package to get at least part of the picture language.

At this point, it could use someone who wants to work through SICP, to 
make sure everything that needs to be provided *is* provided, and that 
it would work smoothly for students.  (I have tried to use Check Syntax 
on SICP "allcode.tar.gz" to find missing definitions, but searches of 
SICP when something is undefined are not always clear on who is supposed 
to define it.)

Is anyone up for doing this (the hard part, after I've done the easy 
part)?  Otherwise, I will ask on the "plt-scheme" list.  If all else 
fails, I could ask Abelson&Sussman whether they want to sic a TA/RA/UROP 
on it.


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