[plt-dev] Re: #lang sicp

From: Jose A. Ortega Ruiz (jao at gnu.org)
Date: Wed Apr 15 17:28:24 EDT 2009


i'm the someone else below :) i offered Matthias to implement this; but,
for some boring reasons, i wanted to do it all by myself, and only in
case nobody else was up to the task. if you Neil and Geoffrey are
willing to take the bait, i'll be very happy to let you have the fun and
enjoy the results; moreover, i'm sure both of you know plt much better
than me, and i already have a couple other projects in mind where i'd
like to use plt.

so please, go ahead! :)

You err by thinking simplicity and elegance are mostly
cosmetic.  Simplicity and elegance are overwhelmingly
practical virtues.
  - William D Clinger, comp.lang.scheme

Matthias Felleisen <matthias at ccs.neu.edu>

> Sounds like a number of people are interested. Please coordinate and
> you're welcome to use the list to do so. As I wrote to someone else:
>>> You do NOT need to use drscheme at all -- initially -- to
>>> develop and use  a language.
>> Ah, excellent... i misunderstood your message to the list, and was
>> already thinking of the languages on DrScheme's language menu.
>>> Start with something as simple as
>>> myFirstLang.ss
>>>  #lang scheme
>>>  (provide lambda #%app)
>>> and use it
>>>  #lang myFirstLang
>>> You will quickly see the limitation of this language, but
>>> it's a start.
>>> ;; ---
>>> Once we have the language, we can decide whether we want
>>> to hook it into the drscheme language menu or just supply
>>> it as a module language.
>> Understood. Thanks for the hints.

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