[racket] host not found error

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at cs.wpi.edu)
Date: Sun May 6 18:03:41 EDT 2012

> >     things go perfectly till i accumulate 336 records and then this error
> >     crashes my script:
> >
> > Hi prad,
> >
> > Are you doing the open-input-url in a loop, out of curiosity?  If so, do
> you
> > close the opened ports between each loop  iteration?
> >
> hi danny!
> i using get-pure-port and yes it's in a loop.
> i also delete-pure-port because i was getting a different error when i
> didn't which was to run out of file-descriptors (i think) since i kept
> getting a can't open database file error.
Wait!  But delete-pure-port is something entirely different.  It
corresponds to one of the basic HTTP verbs (others are GET, PUT, POST).
 Are you sure you haven't been using close-input-port?
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