[racket] Racklog: asking data from user?

From: Mikko Tiihonen (mikko.tiihonen at tmtiihonen.fi)
Date: Thu Apr 12 15:46:43 EDT 2012

Thank you for this piece of very good advice! I will change the direction as you suggested, and it is good to know that the problem was not that I had missed something, but that my approach was not feasible.



On 12.4.2012, at 21:38, Jay McCarthy wrote:

> Using Racket predicates like that would be a very bad idea and hard to
> get working as you've discovered.
> I think the correct approach is to wrap the Racklog program in a
> Racket program that makes queries of the *log and then asks questions
> of the user afterwards and repeats the query if necessary.
> I think of *log as a database that exists at an arm's reach from the
> computation of import and so it shouldn't do too much work and
> definitely shouldn't do IO.
> Jay
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