[racket] Policy on cross posting to the list and Stackoverflow

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Wed Apr 11 17:37:29 EDT 2012

We don't have any real policy, but there's generally the usual common sense
that can apply here as well as anywhere else: try only one first, and the
other if you don't get a reply; or if you did both and got a reply on one
then note that on the other.  In our specific context, the mailing list is
usually more effective in getting answers, but SO has the advantage of a
good QA system, like scoring, easy to look for past answers and even
suggesting relevant answers when you ask a question.

BTW, I have a script that monitors SO (as well as a bunch of other places)
and I could make it send out notifications on the list, but that sounds bad
for the above reasons...  If there is some way that such things are done
elsewhere I can look into doing it...
On Apr 11, 2012 4:00 PM, "Ashok Bakthavathsalam" <ashokb at kggroup.com> wrote:

> Here's an echo of the same question that was asked in Monotouch's user
> mailing list (the responses are available here <http://bit.ly/ID8T7f>).
> "Is there a list policy on cross posting to the list and stack overflow?
> How big is the overlap in readership? If the same people hang out in
> both places cross posting is just wasting mental bandwidth."
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