[racket] display problem

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at cs.wpi.edu)
Date: Fri Apr 6 13:38:02 EDT 2012

> Oke,
> Back to the beginning.
> In the text is noted.
> (define-struct editor (pre post))
> ; Editor = (make-editor String String)
> ; interp. (make-editor s t) means the text in the editor is
> ; (string-append s t) with the cursor displayed between s and t
> So for aaaaaaa| s has the value of aaaaa en t has the value of ""
> For aaaa|aaaa s  I think s has the value of aaaaa and t has the value of aaa

Yes, much better.  Be a bit more specific.  Rather than say that
something has the value aaaaa, it's a bit better to be consistent
about what things are strings by putting quotes "aaaaa".

To push the pedagogic point: understanding the data definitions is one
of the first steps of the design recipe.


One you understand the point of why the data is structured in this
peculiar way, the problem should be a lot easier to solve.

I believe that your initial confusion was because you originally
thought the "pre" and "post" were only the single character before and
after the cursor.  Hopefully, that's cleared up now.

> I have a idea.
> If I use the length of the first string and I press one time on the left-key then the new-length could be the old-one - 1. Then I could use substring to cut that part away.
> The t part I could say if it's empty substring ( s , (string-lenght s), 1) and if it's not empty use a string-append.
> Am I on the right track ?

Yes, that looks like what I'd do too.

Good luck!

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