[racket] srfi usage within Racket

From: Ray Racine (ray.racine at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Apr 4 12:28:42 EDT 2012

Stay in the scheme sphere long enough everyone has their SRFI moment and
one concerning SRFI-19 in particular.  Here I refer to the, "that's it, I
can't stand no more, by god, this time I'm going replace SRFI-19" moment.

 A couple of months back I had my nth moment with SRFI-19 and my usual
partial response.


In SRFI-19's defense, unsurprisingly, the overall approach and design of
SRFI-19 captures the gist of what needs to be done.   That said, I did
spend the rest of the morning cut and pasting a few core aspects of SRFI-19
around (core being those features I immediately needed).

FWIW, I seem to recall the current Racket impl is missing a couple of leap
second adjustments in the current release.

Overall I agree a number of SRFIs should be tidied up a bit, ported to
modernized Racket syntax and added as part of the standard Racket
collections.  But who has the time?


On Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 11:52 AM, John Clements <clements at brinckerhoff.org>wrote:

> On Apr 4, 2012, at 8:17 AM, Neil Toronto wrote:
> > On 03/27/2012 01:46 PM, Neil Van Dyke wrote:
> >> Rodolfo Carvalho wrote at 03/27/2012 03:27 PM:
> >>> Actually, I wonder if people use any srfi much?
> >>
> >> Some people still use SRFIs with Racket (I don't anymore), but usually
> >> Racket has somewhat better comparable features separate from SRFIs,
> >> either built-in or in PLaneT.
> >
> > Contrary to this, both the `plot' and `db' libraries use SRFI-19 - "Time
> Data Types and Procedures". I don't know what `db' uses it for, but `plot'
> uses it to format dates and times. This is one rare case where Racket's
> built-in library isn't as full-featured as a SRFI.
> Along these lines, I find the continued necessity of SRFI 19 frustrating,
> and I'd like to make its functionality available in the core.
> In my experience, the utility of SRFI 19 falls into two categories
> 1) conversion to and from strings (especially "from"), and
> 2) free conversion between dates, seconds, and julian dates.
> Are there other things that people use SRFI 19 for?
> John
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