[racket] External CSS w/ Templates?

From: Jeremy Kun (kun.jeremy at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Sep 7 00:50:02 EDT 2011

Hi there,

I went through Templates: Conversion
and am doing something similar with my page. I have a static template.html
file and an external .css which I'd rather not include verbatim in the .html
template as done in the example (my CSS is a hundred lines and will get
larger), so it's linked via the standard link tag in my template. For some
reason I can't get the displayed .html file to find its .css.

I'm running DrRacket from the same directory as my servlet source file, and
I have the template and css files both in that directory as well. I'm
running a simple servlet with serve/servlet, but I can't seem to figure out
what options I need to specify. #:extra-files-paths doesn't seem to work,
and messing with the various roots seem to get me in trouble. Does DrRacket
need to know about the CSS file at compile time? Where exactly does Racket
serve the html from?

Could someone suggest a good configuration setup for this? Or a better

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