[racket] Applying keyword arguments to (send)

From: Michael W (mwilber at uccs.edu)
Date: Thu Nov 24 14:01:15 EST 2011

Hey there, Racketeers! Hope you're having a nice thanksgiving if
you're in America.

(send) supports apply-style calling by calling it with a dotted
parameter. How can I call a method with a list of *keyword*
arguments? I essentially want to do keyword-apply but on a
method, and I don't quite have it right:

#lang racket

(define fish%
  (class object%
    (define/public (eat #:meal meal #:howmany howmany)
      (displayln (list meal howmany)))))

(define f (new fish%))

(define args (list '#:howmany 5 '#:meal 7))

(send f eat . args)

This fails with:

struct eat method in fish%: expects 0 arguments plus arguments
with keywords #:howmany and #:meal, given 5: (object:fish% ...)
'#:howmany 5 '#:meal 7

Yes, it seems abusive, but is it possible?

Take it easy,

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