[racket] XREPL on Windows

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sat Nov 12 16:51:53 EST 2011

10 minutes ago, Rodolfo Carvalho wrote:
> Hello,
> I just installed the new Racket and I'm trying the new features.
> Online syntax check works so nicely!
> I think I had some trouble trying to get readline (Racket
> collection) to work some months ago, and I just figured out I
> probably gave up (it does work well on Linux).

There is no need to use readline on Windows, since cmd does its own
thing anyway.

> Should I expect XREPL to work normally under Windows?

It should not try to load readline...

> Every time I run "racket -il xrepl" or "racket -il readline" Racket
> crashes (showing a Windows dialog).

...but it looks like it does try to load it for you.  Did you play
with the TERM environment variable by any chance?

> If I try to run ,install! (before crashing) I get:
> -> ,install!
> file-size: file not found: "C:\Users\Rodolfo\racketrc.rktl"

That looks like a bug, where the code assumes that the racketrc file
exists.  I'll look at it.

> Any pointers on what could be wrong, or how could I examine why it
> is crashing?  (I suppose something to do with the GNU readline
> dll...)

(Yeah, but like I said I have no experience with trying to get
anything out of readline on windows.  (At least not outside of a
cygwin terminal.))

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