[racket] Temporary Definitions with ellipses

From: Richard Cleis (rcleis at mac.com)
Date: Tue May 24 16:57:24 EDT 2011

You need to write a little more content.  For example

(define (feet->yards f)
   (define ... "this will be yards") ...)


On May 24, 2011, at 8:25 AM, SCIAMACHIST <lewiswatmore at gmail.com> wrote:

> Lewis Watmore
> Hello,
>    I am a "noob" so if this is the wrong place for my question, please direct me to somewhere more appropriate.
>    In the DrScheme Companion at "3.3 Finger Exercises on Composing Functions" it is stated that you can create temporary definitions using an ellipsis in this manor:
>    (define (feet->yards f) ...)
> --where the ellipsis "is a legal Scheme name. DrScheme does not attempt to determine the meaning of a name until necessary."
> But DrRacket does not allow this usage. I get this error message: "...: ellipses not allowed as an expression in: (...)"
>    Is there an alternative other than commenting-out unfinished definitions?
> Thanks
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