[racket] Physics/Genetic Algorithms

From: Ben Thompson (ben.n.thompson at gmail.com)
Date: Thu May 19 09:13:17 EDT 2011

Hello all,
I recently discovered www.boxcard2d.com, an interesting project in genetic
algorithms and car design,
and decided I wanted to port it into Racket. However, I seem to have run
into problems, and would appreciate
any advice you can give.

Obviously, this project requires a physics engine, and I was delighted to
learn that Jay McCarthy
made one and uploaded it to PLaneT. Unfortunately, his engine is fairly
bare-bones, and doesn't handle
much beyond movement of bodies through open space. There is collision
detection, but no handling of it,
and there's no gravity, or concept of force or things like that. So, in
essence, I still need a physics engine.

If there's no other option, I might be able to make a passable excuse for an
engine, but frankly, I'd rather avoid
that if possible. So, I was wondering if you knew of any better engines for
Racket, or any way to utilize another
language's engine from within Racket.

Thanks in advance,
Ben Thompson
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