[racket] status of FrTime

From: Marijn (hkBst at gentoo.org)
Date: Wed Jun 22 08:42:23 EDT 2011

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Hi list,

I'm quite interested in the FrTime language, and decided to use my new
knowledge of implementing graphical programs in Racket to try and bluff
my way into a bit of FrTime hacking. Unfortunately it seems the
windowing part of FrTime is a bit broken at the moment. For example:

#lang frtime

(require frtime/gui/fred)

(define root (new ft-frame% (label "Summator")))

(new (ft-message% (parent root) (label milliseconds)))

(send root show #t)

gives the following error when you try to run it:
X expand: unbound identifier in module in: parent

Other things which I tried, like ft-vertical-panel%, apparently haven't
been defined yet. This surprised me a little as I would have guessed
that the spreadsheet program spoken of in one of the publications about
FrTime would surely need these. (Is the source code for this program
available, btw?)

Another thing I noticed is that after trying some of the FrTime demo
programs on my system, DrRacket seems to be using quite a bit more
memory and is constantly running the garbage collector, though
apparently unsuccesfully as there is no change in the amount of memory
indicated in the bottom right. Upon a fresh start it is at ~150MB, but
after running aforementioned demos it had crept up to >400MB resulting
in a noticeable slowdown of the demos.

I'd really like to know what the status of FrTime is (if only to not
spam the list with premature bug reports).


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