[racket] sexp highlighting

From: Marijn (hkBst at gentoo.org)
Date: Mon Jun 20 04:16:57 EDT 2011

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On 06/19/11 21:46, Eli Barzilay wrote:
> Three hours ago, Nikita Zuev wrote:
>> Oh, I've overlooked it. But it's 32bit, I've 64bit
>> distribution. I'll try in virtualbox then.
> You can try the fedora x86_64 installer -- as the comment says for
> linux installations, trying similar things can often work.  Also, the
> nightly buils (pre.racket-lang.org/installers) have now a debian build
> for x86_64, so you can try that out.
> In any case, I don't think that your video driver has anything to do
> with it, it's a level that the racket gui doesn't do much with.
> Is it possible that your preferences are incorrect?  If you go to the
> prefernces panel, then click the "Editing" tab and then the "Racket"
> sub-tab, there's an option (the first one) that controls the paren
> highlighting.

I can confirm Nikita's problem of no highlighting for s-expressions and
I just checked the option is turned on in my prefs.

I don't see the problem with Ctrl-f and no purple ellipse.

I'm using a few days old git version on an amd64 Gentoo linux box.


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