[racket] MysterX poll

From: José Lopes (jose.lopes at ist.utl.pt)
Date: Wed Dec 28 22:22:27 EST 2011

Hello Matthew,

I am using the basic COM layer (sections 2.1-2.2).
I am not using the event layer (section 2.3), but I might use it in the 

I am not using the ActiveX layer (section 3) and I am not planning to 
use it.


On 29-12-2011 09:30, Matthew Flatt wrote:
> If you use MysterX for COM/ActiveX work under Windows --- or if you are
> interested in using it --- please drop me a note.
> If no one is using MysterX, then it may go away, because we have
> trouble maintaining it.
> If you tell me that you're (interested in) using MysterX, please also
> let me know which parts you (would) use:
>   * The basic COM layer (sections 2.1-2.2 in the MysterX reference)?
>   * The event layer (section 2.3 in the MysterX reference)?
>   * The ActiveX layer (section 3 in the MysterX reference)?
> Depending whether anyone uses MysterX and which parts are used, then it
> might get replaced by an `ffi/unsafe/com' library that is implemented
> in Racket, that covers the basic COM layer of MysterX, and that also
> leverages the FFI to better support calling COM methods directly (e.g.,
> with a `define-com-class' form) instead of relying only on IDispatch.
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