[racket] FW: Racket documentation for web development is just awful!

From: Gerry Weaver (gerryw at compvia.com)
Date: Mon Dec 19 20:03:34 EST 2011

Hi Noob,

I believe I mentioned before that I had some trouble with the web development docs myself. However, after thinking it over a bit, I decided to invest more time in learning the language. It occurred to me that in order to really take advantage of the web server, I would need to become a lot more familiar with the advanced language concepts it is based on. I'm finding that as I gain knowledge and experience, my ability to understand the docs improves. The point I'm trying to make here is that without the language foundation, it is just magical code. This is true with or without a beginners guide. I would actually vote for a more thorough treatment of the language itself documentation wise. How would one hope to use a continuation based server effectively without a thorough understanding continuations? Isn't it these advanced language features that attracted us to Racket/Scheme in the first
place? At this point in time, I'm not completely sure the additional web server docs wouldn't just serve to short circuit the language learning process. Many thanks for the patience of those who waited for me to realize this ;-)

I think Neil makes an interesting point. It seems like Racket would appeal more to systems programmers coming from languages like C/C++ than it would to the Java/Python/Ruby/PHP/Perl/etc. crowd. Racket in general has a much higher price of entry than your average scripting language. I mean no offense to web developers. I just think Racket/Scheme requires quite a bit more effort and commitment than most would be willing to make.


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Of course I care! 
I love racket and deeply respect all of you. But, I'm afraid that if you go this way, Racket remain just another never used "academic" language.
Community is too hermetic and self-sufficient. Let's take only RacketCon's videos as example: you, boys are so much in your own world that you do not realize how important it was to publish them on time.

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Is your goal to turn off every single core and non-core member on this list? Or do you actually care?  


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