[racket] More than one color with draw-text?

From: Will Robinson (quantum.penguin at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Dec 12 10:53:09 EST 2011


I'm trying to do a simple Roguelike game as an exercise in learning the
language, particularly racket/gui.  I'm using draw-text to place characters
on the screen.  Ideally, I'd just call this once and put up huge string
full of newlines to represent a block of text.  My problem is that I want
to have control of the color of each character in this block of text.  It
seems to me that the color controls for draw-text are applied to the entire
block at once.  Should I just call draw-text for each character in the
block, individually assigning color?  That seems to be very slow
computationally, not to mention more work on the poor coder.

Any advice is welcome.  Thank you!

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