[racket] New user wanting to know where to go

From: Sam Donow (drsam94 at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Aug 31 18:12:36 EDT 2011


I have been a part of this list for a while, but until now I have not asked
I was introduced to Racket recently, and immediately found it intriguing and
began writing programs in it for whatever purposes I saw appropriate
(previously I knew only C++ and Java, I am still a high school student with
little in the way of formal computer science education)

So, I was wondering, other than obviously waiting and taking college
courses, what routes anyone would suggest to learn the language.  So far I
have relied on the help of a couple of friends who are CS majors and the
docs online, and looking at the questions on this list most things go over
my head.  I have seen a lot about the book How to Design Programs here,
would that be a good option?

Any advice on how to learn Racket, or programming principles in general
which could aid in its learning, will be much appreciated.

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