[racket] Additional GUI components?

From: Jukka Tuominen (jukka.tuominen at finndesign.fi)
Date: Fri Aug 19 07:16:56 EDT 2011

Moro Tomppa,

I second the desire for more GUI components. I hacked earlier a DIY version
of the accordian panel, but I'd rather use a single container rather than
construct it from many components.

The GUI behaviour seems to work through Ext Liitin connection, unlike the
functions that call some Liitin-specific primitives. To try it, run the
following command:

or to display the source code, run the following:
(display (l-get 'liitin:script-manager)); display for restoring the original

I'd even like to see some GUI building tool integrated to DrRacket some day,
MrEd Designer for example :)

br, jukka
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  I was wondering if there are currently any plans in adding more components
to the GUI toolbox? Things like tree views, property lists, accordion
panels, resizable panels (DrRacket seems to have this in its editor/repl
panel but I don't think it's documented or available?).

  I can probably do a semi-functional implementation of those myself but if
there are already plans about adding those in the toolkit in the near future
I'd rather spare the effort.

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