[racket] are people using untyped/snooze?

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at cs.wpi.edu)
Date: Tue Aug 16 15:48:44 EDT 2011

> Sorry about the late response. I've been heads down for the last few
> days. Snooze in Github (https://github.com/untyped/snooze) is way
> ahead of Snooze on Planet. It lacks docs, which is the lame excuse for
> not releasing it, but it has plenty of tests to guide the intrepid. We
> haven't updated it for a while as we've been using NoSQL databases
> more frequently in our code, and our current contracts using RDBMSs
> haven't been Racket projects.

I've heard a little feedback from people on /r/programming of people
who really want to see a CMS for Racket, or something "real" that they
can sink their teeth into.  I heard this while talking to folks in
Racketcon as well as online.

One of the folks tried out Snooze from PLaneT, and it didn't compile
cleanly, and they gave up. See:


I've been going through my own PLaneT packages to see if they compile
without errors.   This is a big deal toward encouraging people use
Racket for real work: if they see any error messages during a PLaneT
install, it makes for an unfavorable impression.

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