[racket] compile-omit-paths and scribblings field

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at cs.wpi.edu)
Date: Sun Aug 14 15:42:28 EDT 2011

> Beware, though, that the document-building phase of `raco setup' uses
> the ".zo" file for a document to determine whether the document should
> be rebuilt. If you omit the document from compilation, then `raco
> setup' will assume that the document needs to be rebuilt every time.

Ok.  I'm CCing Will and Jeanette to let them know.  Thanks!

Does the caching behavior of raco setup look at the required modules of a
scribble document when determining dirtyness?  It might be that we can just
set compile-omit-paths to the single image-snip file that's being required
by the scribble document, but still preserve 'raco setup's ability to tell
if the document needs rebuilding.
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