[racket] another mini-tutorial: a racket slice: munging IRC logs

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Sat Aug 6 05:36:13 EDT 2011

Danny Yoo wrote at 08/06/2011 02:08 AM:
>     http://hashcollision.org/racket-slices/irc-parsing/index.html

Tutorials like this can certainly help attract new people and get them 

Perhaps pick a more inspiring hunk of IRC dialogue to use as an example, 
so as not to demotivate with the impression that IRC is futile?

And if you're going to use real-world IRC dialogue for this tutorial 
and/or other purposes, I suspect you want to anonymize it, lest your 
human subjects board gets all up in your business.  (Although that 
"neilv" fellow is strikingly handsome.)

BTW, I suspect someone will find this in Google when they're trying to 
talk with an IRC server from Racket, and be disappointed that this is 
only about parsing a particular log format.  I think that there is some 
IRC client code for Racket, not necessarily released.  I think I've seen 
a Racket-based bot online, perhaps by Eli.  And I wrote an (unreleased) 
IRC bot in Scheme in 2001, which supported DCC transfers and corrected 
people's spelling.  So that Googling person should ask around when the 
time comes.


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