[racket] Java Conversion Utility [very very early stages]

From: Mathew Kurian (bluejamesbond at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Sep 18 19:24:32 EDT 2010

I am still going through lists of racket and java code to find
similarities...I have seen many similarities and started to implement these

but i was asking in terms of how the looks. I find it a lot easier to work
from the GUI backwards.

I am doing this for curiosity and educational value as I will be going to
off to college in an year, so i thought will be a fun little thing to do
meanwhile. and, i really enjoy learning how to code and trying to create new
stuff :)

again, i am just looking for more GUI based comments, but all comments are

The question i would like to ask you all is: What features would you all
like to see or what features do you most admire in any sort of compiler?
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