[racket] beginner's question on learning Scheme

From: philippe sismondi (psismondi at arqux.com)
Date: Wed Aug 25 11:19:36 EDT 2010

I am new to Racket and Scheme generally, having started learning Common Lisp about a year ago.

I have a question which is probably answered somewhere in the Racket docs or in the archives of this mailing list, but it would be of great help to get a quick answer.

I ordered the 4th edition of the Dybvig book "The Scheme Programming Language", and then set to work on the book using DrRacket. I discover that the language in Dybvig (r6rs) is not the same as Racket.

Can I use Racket to learn the Scheme language as presented in Dybvig? How might I do this? That is, does the set of software that comes with Racket support that language?

More specifically I want to have a REPL that handles Scheme as in Dybvig.

Thanks for your patience with a noob question.


- Phil -

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