[racket] Question about the double submit bug 'in the wild'

From: Horace Dynamite (horace.dynamite at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Aug 20 20:18:11 EDT 2010

> Yes, this should be considered malpractice. Sadly, what happens in
> reality is that (1) programmers and managers will ignore error reports;
> (2) they will blame users for not using the product properly; (3) they
> will blame users for ignoring the instructions on not using the back button;
> (4) they will not understand that users may have cloned windows and other
> stuff happens; and (5) eventually the programmer will be promoted and
> his replacement will say we need to port this program to JavaScript 17.2
> and we need to hope that the bugs just go away.

Gasp. I've read about horror stories like this. It worries me as
perhaps a prospective employee of such an institution that I should
have to conform to these horrors. In all seriousness though, it this
really the norm out in the wild? Are there ways to detect such
institutions before applying? I'd guess to detect them you'd either
have to be a talented programmer and not worry about such things, or
look into different fields of work.

Thanks for both your comments. Interesting (worrying) reading. :-)


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