[racket] Possible to install both plt-scheme from repo and racket from racket-lang.org?

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sun Aug 15 18:55:43 EDT 2010

On Aug 15, Laurent wrote:
> > The problem is that both .deb files and .rmp files are designed so
> > that you package the source with instructions on how to compile
> > them into binaries.  But our build process produces the binary
> > packages and therefore going from there to .deb/.rpm files is very
> > awkward.
> I thought it was possible to make .deb files from binaries only.
> But maybe I'm mistaken.

I think that it's possible too, but what I remember is that basically
every step of the way feels wrong -- things like using a compiled
directory as "the source" etc.

> > If you're talking about creating distributions of applications,
> > then it already does that -- but to make things portable and
> > expected, these distributions are very simple: tgz/zip/dmg for
> > unix/win/osx respectively.
> Yes, but I was talking about going one step further than this:
> DrRacket is bundled into a .sh/.exe/.something file.  I'd like raco
> to do the same thing for my own projects, and not stop at the
> .tgz/.zip/.dmg step, which is still good, but could be better (which
> obviously requires some time and work).
> That would be as portable as DrRacket distributions, wouldn't it?

Not at all.  For example, on Windows the installer exe is made with
nsis, so creating a similar executable requires you to have it too.
Similarly, there is currently no part of the racket distribution that
is aware of the OS being Fedora, Ubuntu, Solaris, or some BSD -- and
what you're talking about will need to know that too.  (And btw, I'm
not even sure that there's a reliable way to distinguish them.)

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