[racket] documentation example for slideshow/pict

From: Bill Richter (richter at math.northwestern.edu)
Date: Sun Aug 8 22:01:15 EDT 2010

   Yes, but still, upload your code to the cookbook.

Definitely, Shriram.  Ben was excited when I told him you said he
should upload to www.schemecookbook.org.  A Sudoku solver is a good
programming exercise, because Sudoku is all about sets & functions,
which become Scheme through map, filter & build-list.  Thanks!

   > But please look at the slideshow & the keybinding dox in 3.3.8
   > Defining Custom Shortcuts.  See if you think if there's enough
   > examples.  I know I floundered.

   It's not bad, really.  It could probably be better for supporting
   complex examples, but it seems a pretty low-priority compared to
   the real pain points.  The assumption is probably that anyone who
   can actually make and run those edits can also follow the docs of a
   class system.

I don't even know what a class system is :) I think the question is
when Racket plans to take over the world of web applications.  Racket
isn't ready to take over now, because the docs don't have enough
examples.  But maybe you racketeers need another 10 years anyway, so
right now, the docs only have to be good enough for the builders &
maintainers.  With this criterion, the docs pass with flying colors.

Here's a simple example of something that would deter a real-world
programmer from switching to Racket.  In gambit, I use `include' quite
often.  The top line of my file ShortOrChain.scm is
(include "MCnohinge.scm")
So I searched manuals for `include' and got to 11.10 File Inclusion,
which I can't read, but I know (include "foo.rkt") doesn't work.  In a
few hours I could figure this out, but if I had a high-pressure C++
job (or whatever they're using these days), maybe I'd say forget it.

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