[plt-scheme] program online game

From: Marek Kubica (marek at xivilization.net)
Date: Tue Oct 13 10:55:34 EDT 2009

On Tue, 13 Oct 2009 16:32:37 +0200
Brecht Van Laethem <brvlaeth at vub.ac.be> wrote:

> I've read the library Continue
> (http://docs.plt-scheme.org/continue/index.html). It shows how you can
> make an online blog with scheme. Is this a suitable library for an
> online game? I can't find how you can put an image on a specific
> position on the screen.

Because you need to know HTML and CSS for that. But that's orthogonal
to Scheme, that is: the backend (Scheme) and frontend (HTML) are
independent of each other.


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