[plt-scheme] Tool/plugin: packer.plt

From: Jon Rafkind (rafkind at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Mon Oct 12 18:00:07 EDT 2009

>> 3. at first I was worried that only blah.ss was part of the .plt package but
>> when I did 'planet structure blah.ss.plt' I noticed everything in the
>> directory where blah.ss was (or maybe it was the current working directory,
>> which happened to be the same) was also included. It would be nice if I
>> could manually select the files with the option of "include all .ss files found
>> recursively" or something. This is especially important because even if I am
>> in my project directory I will probably have .svn directories hanging around
>> that I don't want to send to planet.
> The manual suggests that make-planet-archive should skip subversion
> files/folders.

Ok, duly noted but its still an issue. I tend to make a lot of files 
that ultimately should not get sent to planet so I need some way to cull 

A new issue: it would be nice if the packer read the existing info.ss 
file so I don't have to fill out the same information each time. Also, 
shouldn't there be a release notes section?

One more: when the tool creates the file it would be nice if a message 
popped up saying "created blah.plt" or something. Or what would be 
*really* nice is if a dialog box popped up asking if the user wants to 
send the package to planet, and then asks for the username/password and 
does the whole upload process automatically.

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