[plt-scheme] Re: Poacher turned gamekeeper

From: Philippos Apolinarius (phi500ac at yahoo.ca)
Date: Tue Nov 10 08:34:48 EST 2009

As an afterthought, at least one TA from the college where I study have used PLT to teach... Java. I noticed that all students that learned with that TA (Junia) became much better Java programmers than the rest of us. And they also learned PLT Scheme. This has two consequences: (1) It will be very easy for PLT to add an infix syntax, since well it already has a couple of them; of course, one must provide compilation facilities for the infix syntax and means of using both syntaxes in the same program, à la Gambit; (2)  People can follow Junia's example and use PLT Scheme to teach Java.

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> As I said, there will be a 2nd course in OOP and at the moment I am
> scheduled to take that. The simple answer to objectors is that they'll
> do Java next term (although I am tempted to do it in Python).

I am about to teach this in PLT for the first time. I'll point to lecture notes when I have them. -- Matthias

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