[plt-scheme] auto check syntax

From: Jos Koot (jos.koot at telefonica.net)
Date: Sat May 16 12:17:52 EDT 2009

I use Check Syntax frequently for renaming variables. Every time a variable has been renamed, I have to do another Check Syntax 
before being able to do another renaming. I know it may take a few seconds to do another Check Syntax. May be a double choice: 
rename only and rename+check-syntax-again?

Another point of attention may be that, when renaming a variable, Check Syntax often warns that the new name already exists in a 
wider scope. That's very nice of course, except in cases where it is obvious that the new name can safely shadow the old name. This 
is particularly the case when the scope of the old name does not include any bindings to the new name.
My 2 cents (or may be only one single cent. We no longer have half cents I guesss)
Jos Koot

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> Given how plentiful CPU and RAM is nowadays, would it be practical to have DrScheme keep Check Syntax updated automatically?
> Say, update every time input idles for five seconds and there's been a source change since the last update?
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