[plt-edu] Re: [plt-scheme] 3-D graphics

From: Geoffrey Knauth (gknauth at lycoming.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 26 21:11:41 EDT 2009

On Mar 26, 2009, at 19:42, David Van Horn wrote:
> Ben Fry just gave a talk here at NEU on Processing.  It started off  
> very much like our intro course starts off on day 1 by programming  
> with images in DrScheme, but rapidly went far beyond that while  
> using 1-3 line programs.  It was too bad the PLT group was under  
> represented, but there should be video of the event up soon on our  
> student ACM chapter web page.
> If PLT could keep pace with Fry's first 10 minutes or so of  
> examples, it would be quite appealing to students, in my opinion.   
> Of course, all his stuff is imperative.  If we had all the polished  
> bells and whistles of Processing *and* the usual gang of functional  
> abstractions, our freshmen could probably code circles around Fry.

I went to two of Ben Fry's talks at Art and Code, and bought his book  
Visualizing Data (O'Reilly) and downloaded his dissertation, so I can  
guess how his presentation went.  To get the real flavor of what  
happens in those first ten minutes, though, besides waiting for the  
NEU ACM video (great ACM chapter, by the way!), you can also wait for  
the Art and Code videos, which are not up yet, but will be at some  
point, here:  http://www.vimeo.com/artandcode

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