[plt-scheme] Proposed changes to Mirrors

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Wed Mar 11 09:25:54 EDT 2009

Dave Gurnell wrote at 03/11/2009 08:45 AM:
> I'm toying with a very mildly backwards-incompatible idea that will 
> prevent this kind of thing.

I had that and other problems.  My own HTML/XML templating syntax (which 
does most of the computation at syntax expansion time, as I've mentioned 
here before) now actually has three different escapes, rather than just 
an unsyntax:

* (%value EXPR ...) --- At evaluation (write) time, at this point in the 
writing, evaluate the Scheme EXPRs as if in a "begin" form, and the last 
value then SXML/SHTML that is is written as XML/HTML.

* (%effects EXPR ...) --- At evaluation (write) time, at this point in 
the writing, evaluate the EXPRs for their effects as if in a "begin", 
with current output port set to the XML/HTML output port, and ignore any 
value produced.

* (%verbatim STRING-LITERAL ...) --- At this point in the writing, the 
content of the string literals will be written verbatim as part of the 
XML/HTML output.

These have been through a few design iterations.  These are the three 
main distinctions I've found I want, and confusing them tends to lead to 
errors.  I also abandoned my terse, cryptic syntaxes, and settled upon a 
consistent visual marker ("%") followed by a name that clearly names the 
kind of escape.

I have other features for inline JavaScript and CSS in SHTML, as well as 
for CDATA, but I might eventually turn those into escapes in the 
templating language.


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